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Case Ready Programs

JBS Imports offers a variety of programs to meet needs throughout the industry. From a range of pack formats, protein offerings, products, and ranges, we’re certain we can fill your order.

Our case ready options reduce operation costs, maximize yield and optimize shelf life and add a variety of products to your meat case.

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Packaging Formats

vacuum skin packaging

Vacuum Skin Packaging (VSP)

Top Sirloin

Roll Stock

ground beef

Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP)

vacuum packaged lamb

Vacuum Packaged

heat sealed bag

Heat Sealed Bag

Protein Offerings

JBS Imports case ready programs offer a variety of proteins imported from around the world to ensure quality and consistency in your dining and cooking experience. With full branded ranges, we are constantly analyzing the consumer space to ensure our products and their accolades meet the needs of your customers.

For more information about our branded case ready offerings don’t hesitate to contact our team at caseready.imports@jbssa.com.

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Foodservice Programs & Partnerships

We aim to offer a diverse and broad foodservice offering to help make your protein of choice the perfect center of the plate.

If you’re looking to expand your offerings, we’re here to help. Our team is happy to discuss immersions, training sessions and educational seminars with product experts to ensure you can stay educated on our changing industry. With a variety of proteins, pack format and sizing, we can accommodate your needs and source high quality meat from around the world.

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